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Hire Talent with International Experience

Hiring a citizen with international experience brings proven growth for companies through innovation, leadership and diversity. More and more companies are proactively hiring international as a key growth strategy.

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With Pocmi, it's 3 Simple Steps to Productive Hiring!

1. Attract top talent with a great pitch

Set up a great company profile to start attracting candidates from your diaspora with international experience. Create positions and tell candidates what is special about your company and let them know why coming back home to work for you, and helping you to build your company and the nation is the best decision.


2. Get prospective candidates to apply to your positions

Every candidate’s info, parsed automatically from their resumes, at the tip of your fingers with our search. Tracking tools to enable you to filter and easily know the status of candidates every step of the way, from saved, invited to apply to applied to your positions. Always organized, always up to date.

3. Streamline the evaluation of candidates

Create and easily stay on top of action items for both you and the candidate and share notes and documents with them. Our tools enable detailed comparisons of candidates coming from multiple countries. Most importantly, both parties are able to see and know the salary and cost of living differences between locations to manage expectations and avoid wasting your time.


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Find, Engage and Hire International Talent

We look forward to helping you master this global environment!.

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